Advance LPG Solutions is a fast growing LPG System solution provider in Bangladesh. We provide a wide range solution for LPG Reticulated System for your industry & resident on Turnkey basis, Auto gas/LPG Filling Station Construction (Full Package), LPG/Auto gas Vehicle Conversion, Small Unit LPG Cylinder Re-Filling System.

LPG Reticulated System

              Residential Services                         Industrial Services                               Residential Services

                    LPG Cylinder Bank                                       LPG Bulk Storage                                  LPG Metering

LPG Reticulated system is supplying LPG through pipeline network from centralized cylinder bank or bulk storage to the customer’s consumption. LPG is sourced from Centralized Cylinder Bank or Bulk LPG Storage facility installed in the premises.

                                        Residential Services                               Commercial Services                               Industrial Services

                                   Safety System                                               Commercial Cooking                                              Industrial Burner

A reticulated gas system is also known as Piped Gas System is uninterrupted supply of gas at the turn of tap. The System is a method of distribution of cooking gas, generally LPG or PNG through a pipeline network to the customer’s consumption for both Residential and Commercial/ Industrial customers

                            Auto Gas/LPG Filling Station                       Auto Gas Vehicle Conversion                  Cylinder Re-Filling System

Safety Precautions, Stay Safe

  • Fencing of areas to restrict unauthorized entry.
  • Avoid wiring for lighting inside the Cylinder Bank
  • Always store your LPG cylinder in an upright position and away from combustible products/materials.
  • Properly ventilate the LPG cylinder storage area.
  • Always keep your regulator valve closed when not in use and during night.
  • Do not tamper with the cylinder, hose, regulator valve and other related equipment, and ensure that they are only repaired by authorized professional when needed.
  • Store cylinders away from direct sunlight.
  • Install 3rd stage emergency valve inside the individual kitchen to cut off the supply in the kitchen.
  • Under Pressure Shut off Valves to ensure satisfactory burning characteristics.
  • Ensure to install Non-Return Valves (NRV) for cylinder to avoid back flow.
  • Don’t allow the mobile inside the gas bank
  • Check the safety cap and safety seal when purchasing LPG cylinders
  • Restrict unauthorized entry of apartment owners, residents or outsiders inside the Gas Bank
  • Check inlet and outlet with Soap oil as and when Required
  • Ground level ventilation in the manifold room / enclosure must be maintained at all times.
  • Safety signage such as “No Smoking”, “High Flammable-LPG”, “Switch off Mobile” etc. should be placed adjacent to cylinder bank.

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