From our experience in industry sector, we have been hearing continuous  cries and crisis for  natural gas. We realize that  we have  liability and responsibility to  improve  the energy  sector of industry / establishments for smooth and uninterrupted operation. Therefore

LPG is the proper alternative of Natural Gas.

We Advance LPG Solutions provide a wide range solution for planning, design, estimation, supply, installation & maintenance of LPG Reticulated System for your industry & resident on turnkey basis as per Explosives Act,1884 (1V of 1884), Edition  2004, NFPA 58, NLPGA, ASTM, ASME, ANSI.

We are providing Supply, Installation, Commissioning and maintenance services for LPG Networks from the tank to the consumption end, our team is highly qualified and experienced, and they will install your system in compliance with applicable law and in accordance with precise timing agreed on.

We have an expert & experienced team of professionals, previously worked in oil and gas sector of various renowned companies in Bangladesh. As LPG Reticulated System is a newly started in Bangladesh, we have some trained engineers to provide you safe and reliable piped gas & fuel solutions for your industry and home. In addition to the environmental benefits, you can depend on our supply and support services all year-round, all the time. We supply LPG piped gas solutions for Industry (Boiler/Burner etc.), Commercial building, Apartments, Row Houses, Bungalows, Large Housing Complex and societies.

Our practically proactive ability and close relationship with both clients and suppliers allow us to tailor our solutions for you to maximize the value of your business investment.

Scope Of Services

  • Auto Gas/LP Gas/LPG Filling Station full package (Tank, Dispenser, Filling Scale, Pump, Meter etc.) Origin: Europe/Italy/Korea/Bulgaria/Nigeria/Germany/China/India
  • LPG/Auto Gas Conversion (Car/Bus/Truck & other vehicle conversion)
  • Total system design, supply, Installation & Commissioning of LPG Reticulated System
  • LOT- Liquid Off Take System & VOT- Vapor Off Take System
  • Ensuring timely LP Gas & Cylinder supply – Long Term MOU
  • Compact LPG Cylinder Re-Filling System
  • Third party Inspection/Continuous monitoring, Quality checks and Overhauling
  • Hands on training to persons operating the Reticulated LPG System
  • Conducting periodical maintenance/Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Gas Pipeline System for Generator/Engine/others
  • Equipment/Accessories Supply of Auto Gas/LP Gas related Projects
  • 24/7 service support by our trained service technicians


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