LPG Reticulated / Piped System in Industry

From our experience in industry sector, we have been hearing continuous cries and crisis for natural gas. We realize that we have liability and responsibility to improve the energy sector of industry/establishments for smooth and uninterrupted operation. Therefore LPG is the proper alternative of Natural Gas.

Bulk Storage

To meet the crisis and demand of industries, we are engaged in offering LPG reticulation system. Save 20% diesel consumption using LPG for burners, boilers, engine.

Industrial Boiler                                             Industrial Dryer

Industrial Applications 

  1. Garments/Textiles
  2. Boiler
  3. Thermic Fluid Heater
  4. Hot Water Generator
  5. All Industrial Burner
  6. Steel/Metal Industry
  7. Agricultural Dryers
  8. Ceramic/Fiber/Paper
  9. Printing/Powder Coating
  10. Food Processing
  11. Hot Mix Plant
  12. Foundry


Industrial Burner     


High Temp. Applications

  1. Aluminum Melting
  2. Lead Melting
  3. Copper Melting
  4. Hardening
  5. Annealing
  6. Tempering 

Liquid Off Take LPG System – LOT

Liquid off Take LPG System has become popular in commercial & industrial usage. The system can be connected to manifold of LPG cylinder or to the LPG bulk supply tanks, depending upon storage capacity required. The system withdraws Liquid LPG from cylinders with the help LOT valves and then converts it into vapor by using vaporizer. The LOT LPG system is very cost effective as there is no residual loss.

Advantage of LPG Reticulated System for Industry/Factory/Plant

  1. Your Gas Your Production
  2. No waiting for gas connection & hassle free
  3. No production loss due to maintenance
  4. Cost Effective & easy availability
  5. No Leakage on gas line
  6. Uninterrupted gas supply for smooth production
  7. Constant Pressure, no product damage
  8. 25% economical than diesel fuel
  9. No natural gas cylinder transportation by van

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