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Undoubtedly a vast investment potential exists in the domestic liquefied petroleum gas filling sub-sector of the Oil & Gas Industry in Bangladesh. A large proportion of the middle and upper socio-economic class of people depend on gas for cooking purposes. So are industries, government establishments, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, bakeries etc.

LPG cylinders refilling plants would be needed to bring closer gas to the consumers and retailers. We manufacture Mini LPG cylinder refilling plants here in Bangladesh. This plants are mobile and easy to operate. This type of refilling plants requires very small piece of land/space and they can be easily relocated to a more profitable location. The plants also have over 20years operating life span.

Compact LPG Cylinder Re-Filling System

In order to satisfy demands for medium sized LPG installations, we have designed a complete quality installation for filling Propane or Butane cylinders of International standard. The standard kit include in particular, fully equipped LPG tanks, pumping skids for the truck discharge, cylinder filling and cylinder scales designed by our specialist Engineering team

One-man LPG filling unit with four UFM universal filling machines and complete platform with LPG pump unit, ex-proof power panel and piping arrangement (incl. filter, different pressure valve and LPG liquid level sensor).

Small Space LPG Cylinder Re-Filling System

The Standard LPG cylinder filling plant kit also include other equipment such as a cylinder filling hall, fire water and electrical usual equipment and networks including pump and fire-water tank and diesel generator


The minimum land requirement to setup this LPG facility is 1 plot of Land. To decide on the best location to setup your mini refilling plant facility, consider highly populated residential areas. Being a bulky product, transportation of cooking gas can be costly and cumbersome. Many consumers would prefer buying gas in their locality therefore; locate your business in a place not too far from residential areas. Having determined the demand for cooking gas in the area, decide on the best location within the place for your business. Your ideal location will be an area with high traffic such as a busy road, street or street junction close to a market place.


With professionalism, our expert construction and installation service by our certified technicians has the resources to assist you in building or upgrading your facility to meet international standards with a very trendy and welcoming look. Our trendy plants/Facilities give best value for your customers. Providing a trendy LPG facility enhances a convenient one-stop shopping experience for your customers. It also increases store traffic and cross-sell opportunities adding to more profits for you! We provide and install best equipment sourced from reputable international companies.


Once you have your own cylinder re-filling station, you can purchase LPG from any gas company. You don’t have any boundary from which company you will buy LPG.

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