Auto Gas/LPG Conversion for Vehicles (Car/Bus/Truck/Others)

Convert your Car from CNG to LPG, use Auto gas/LPG as your car engine fuel, save your engine, LPG is much better than CNG, cost effective than other fuel. We offer solution for LPG conversion of your vehicle.

LPG conversions have never been this easy. Welcome to LPG Cars, where you will find nothing less than the best LPG conversions services you could ever hope to find. Trust us, and you will surely be making the right decision! Don’t wait, try us out now.


 LPG refueling port: device through which the cylinder is filled.

LPG Tank: tank for LPG in liquid and gaseous phase.

Multivalve: allows gas into and out of the tank, measures level of gas in the tank and contains various safety devices.

Reducer: device through which the gas liquid to gaseous phase thus reducing and adjusting its pressure.

Gas Filter: filter gas, it has sensors which measure the temperature and pressure of the gas and manifold pressure.

Injector Rail: injects sequentially the correct amount of LPG into each cylinder.

Changeover Switch: allows user to switch between gas and petrol and indicates the level of gas in the tank.

Gas ECU: receives signals from various sensors, calculates and provides the parameters of the gas amount to be injected.

LPG Vehicle Conversion

LPG conversions

Save costs & go green – our guide to LPG conversion

Once you have decided that an LPG converted vehicle is for right for you, you will need to find a suitable LPG system for your vehicle.

Most petrol powered cars and light commercials can be converted to run on Auto gas LPG. If you already have a petrol powered vehicle, the chances are you could convert your vehicle immediately and start to enjoy the financial and environmental benefits of Auto gas LPG power. There are many systems available from many manufacturers, however not all systems are suitable for every vehicle.

Modern LPG systems mirror those of conventional fuel systems. An LPG system consists of a storage tank, fuel lines, fuel pump, injectors and ECU (electronic control unit)

LPG Cylinder Inside Vehicle

The reasons for LPG conversions are compelling:

  1. You save money.
  2. You are reducing emissions so you are helping the environment.
  3. You reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle

LPG/Auto Gas is safe

The Auto gas/LPG system has a number of important safety features including:

  • A 3mm welded steel pressure cylinder which is stress-tested to many times its normal operating pressure prior to being installed
  • Two electronically controlled shut-off solenoids (on auto gas LPG tank and on reducer under bonnet) which stop the flow of LPG auto gas to the engine if the engine stops for any reason
  • Pressure relief valves for the tank and the system, to prevent any pressure build up that may damage the system, or be hazardous
  • Double back-check valves to ensure auto gas tight filling
  • Sealed compartments and venting around valves and pipe-work to ensure no LPG enters the interior of the vehicle
  • Approved components to ensure long service life.
  • The support of trained personnel who comply with rigorous European Standards for manufacture and installation of the system.

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