LPG Reticulated / Piped System for Mega Township/Apartments

Piped cooking gas supply to Apartments is one of the latest value-additions being offered by builders. This centralized distribution system supplies gas to each and every Kitchen through a network of safe piping and is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the natural Gas crisis in every kitchen. The rigors of getting a refill are totally eliminated and the consumer ‘pays for what they uses’.

 Residential Building                                                              Cylinder Bank

LPG Reticulated system is supplying LPG through pipeline network from centralized cylinder bank or bulk storage to the customer’s consumption. LPG is sourced from Centralized Cylinder Bank or Bulk LPG Storage facility installed in the premises. A gas meter is installed in a suitable position (inside or at the entry point of the kitchen) that records the usage of the LPG as it passes through it. Pay as you Use.

 Individual Metering System                                       LPG Pipeline Distribution Network

A reticulated gas system is also known as Piped Gas System is uninterrupted supply of gas at the turn of tap. The System is a method of distribution of cooking gas, generally LPG or PNG through a pipeline network to the customer’s consumption for both Residential and Commercial/ Industrial customers.

No Holidays For Gas, Happy Cooking

Pay As You Use, Uninterrupted Gas Supply and No Holidays For Cooking Gas.

We Care Your Crisis.

     LPG at Your Cooking Burner

Advantage of LPG Reticulated System for Residential/Commercial Building

The success of the piped supply or reticulated gas system largely depends on the role of the resident’s association and cooperation among the residents. It is the association’s responsibility to order for the refill cylinders of the bank and collect the amount from the residents.

  • No cylinder in the kitchen, No floor damage, No delivery boy inside the flat.
  • No waiting list for new connection or refill
  • It has high calorific value and burns efficiently, resulting in less cooking time
  • Increased safety in kitchen as the pressure of LPG pipeline is lower than cylinder
  • Automatic Change Over to ensure continuous flow.
  • Not required to visit gas agencies for booking or refill booking reminders
  • Not required to stay at home to receive gas
  • Uninterrupted gas supply and No holiday for Gas.
  • Valuable space saving in the kitchen
  • The supply gets metered, therefore payment as per actual consumption of gas.


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